The Last Bridge of Sam

Mariia Nova



Liara, the Leader of Infinit Zoak, was watching the full pink Moon, standing next to a huge window in one of the corridors of the “Golden Rose” Castle, next to a room where the magical quartz stone was kept. That night it was her turn to guard the Prophecy. Doubts filled her mind. Had she done enough to protect the people all over her Infinit? Was there something that she’d missed? Her green almond-shaped eyes were wide-open calmly watching the night sky full of stars and that huge full, pink Moon. The coat she was wearing was an orange color framed by small colorful stones and covering her slim, beautiful full body. The hood was down and her brown hair was braided to her waist. All down her braid was covered with little stones of different colors.

In the room, the pale, pink light of the Moon reached the quartz stone. The sacred letters carved into its sides, revealed the Prophecy. From out of the frame of a dark picture on the wall, a man dressed in dark clothes stepped into the room. He had strong facial features and one of his eyes was covered with black metal in the shape of a skull. He approached the stone glancing from side to side, afraid of being noticed. Seeing no one, he moved closer to the stone. His eyes followed the letters, and his hands squeezed into fists. He frowned angrily, and his eye grew dark. He could not understand the language, but still tried to read the letters carved in the cold stone.

He reached out, his fingers brushing the stone. There was a loud sound, that emanated from the stone and he looked back at the doors to the room, where he could hear the oncoming sounds of running footsteps. He rushed back to the picture, and escaped, disappearing inside of the gently moving waves of the painting. And in the space of a moment, he was gone. The doors cast open and Liara entered. The sounds from the stone became louder and louder, as if it was alive and cried in pain. Looking from side to side, she stepped closer to the stone, touching it with her hands where the last sentence of the prophecy said: “Aru comper pur mire, doh runu seval alore dum roze adrore defal ruire,” or hope will come with the key that she will get, when she faces all the fears on each Infinit.”. As she calmed it, silence again filled the room.

“Mother?” A seven-year-old boy in simple white pajamas appeared near the open doors. He remained inside of the doors, and rubbed his eyes with his small fists, fighting against the remnants of his dream and trying to see what was in reality happening around him.

“John, what are you doing here?” Liara turned to her small son.

Then rushing over she took him in her arms and beamed.

“I came to protect you, mommy.” Little John hugged Liara’s neck from below.

“You should already be in bed.” She kissed him on top of his head and exited the room with little John in her arms, closing the doors behind her.

The moonlight reflecting from the quartz stone filled the room with warm, pink light. The dark waves from the picture on the wall moved faster as a half of man’s face was revealed. He lurked there waiting for Liara and her son to leave. Only half of the man’s face was visible from the picture he hid behind. He squinted his eye as he tried to read the prophecy again and then a moment later, he escaped. Silence and moonlight filled the room, deepening its mystery. Only the Moon and the shadows that were cast by its light moved as time passed.