The Last Bridge of Sam

Mariia Nova



It was said in one of the oldest books as it was passed from generation to generation that a time for humans to discover other Worlds would come and they would be able to colonize and live on the Infinitesimals or Infinits – for short. That book was called “The Era of Blooming Blood” and it foretold the evolution of the first World - Earth.

It was said in this prophetic book that star dust which had been transforming in outer space for centuries would coalesce and form several solid objects that people would be able to see.

In the year 2050 a unique, framed painting comprised of only energy was discovered on Earth. The discovery was made by a human couple named Ruth and Brad. The woman was a specialist in biology and chemistry and the man, on the other hand, specialized in artificial intelligence. The two were exploring the connection between organic biological cells and the element of metal.

One day when they were experimenting, mixing chemical elements, there was an explosion. Suddenly a ball of light appeared in front of them. The light morphed into different shapes: round, square and finally gravitated towards the shape of a rectangular picture mirroring a framed painting, which was hanging on the wall right behind the man and the woman. They remained motionless, mesmerized by the ball of light. As soon as it took on the rectangular shape of the painting, the magical white light also took the form of colorful waves and moved slowly within the borders of its frame.

With time, such balls of light, framed in similar pictures of colorful waves, began to appear all over the Earth. They all took the form of paintings such as the one that had been the couple’s first discovery. The paintings of the pictures were alive; the multi-colored waves were moving in their own rhythm and never disappeared. It was then discovered that such framed pictures were actually portals, and that the undulating paint absorbed anyone who touched it and led them to the other side of the framed picture from where people could see massive objects floating in space – the Infinits.

It was spoken of in the prophetic book – “The Era of Blooming Blood”, that with every passing year since the unique pictures had been discovered, the Earth, where humans had once lived, was in flux, changing extremely fast: everything had become mechanized – machines and robots took care of all of the jobs so people could spend all of their time exploring who they truly were and what was special within each of their individual, human bodies. With the exploration of themselves they began to learn more about their spirits and the power of nature and soon they opened up new abilities within themselves. These abilities allowed them to explore the portal-pictures and Infinits that they could see appeared on the other side of the portal–pictures. The more they learned and practiced to elevate their energy, the stronger their special abilities became and people eventually began to mutate. That is how the “Era of Blooming Blood” began.

People explored the power within their human bodies by elevating energy that could be reached through various practices. The more they practiced breathing deeply and slowly, and singing constantly - the more their blood became full of oxygen. The more they practiced dancing - the more flexible their bodies became, and the faster blood ran through their veins saturating all of their organs with oxygen. Their bodies began to grow and become stronger, but some of the changes were even more incredible! The vision of some humans had evolved. Some no longer saw their reflections on any surface as their eyes had become huge and round-shaped and were rotating all of the time - like kaleidoscopes. Their skin had become covered in feathers, their legs took the form of huge bird claws. Their hands transformed into wings and they could suddenly fly. Emulbians as this type was called no longer had reflections, they could see themselves and explore who they were only through communicating with other species. Other groups of humans began to hear the sound of Souls as their ears had transformed into thin tubes that lined both sides of their head with seashell shaped ears extruding through their hair. They were called Neesians and also could see the sounds of any piece of music in various, colorful waves – the sound became physically visible for them. Their bodies were extremely beautiful: women particularly had the most beautiful bodies and the men were very strong and muscular. Both had neon tattoos in the shapes of seashells which moved along their bodies beneath their skin when they were dancing. When these species moved in a dance, everyone was charmed and bewitched.

There was also a group of people with golden, sparkling skin and white, straight long hair – the Emitians, who could travel back and forth in time, actually stopping time. They were taller than average humans and always were bare-foot leaving pink footprints wherever they walked. They always had tiny golden creatures in their pockets. The creatures had owl’s heads, lion’s bodies and four wings. From deep within the people’s pockets, they whispered making the sound “tick-tock” serving as a reminder to everyone that hours, minutes, and seconds were constantly passing. These mutated humans had elevated their energy and as a result opened their inner abilities - to run time.

There also were those who did not possess any special abilities – the Kradians. Becoming jealous and angry they began to hunt and kill the more advanced humans who had already begun to mutate at an earlier stage than the others. Exterminating the ones who had any special abilities, the killers sliced off a patch of skin from behind their victim’s neck, right at the top of the spine – this was the spot where all of the energy gathers in the moment of a body’s death. To utilize it, the killers had to sew the patch of skin into a small vessel and wear it as a necklace. Eventually those vessels made up of human skin holding collected energy could buy someone a new life on one of the Infinits, but only a few could make it through to that state. Most of the killers soon went crazy trying to commit suicide as they were not capable of utilizing the power they had stolen. Their bodies took the form of ugly trees, their legs were stuck in the ground and they had holes covering their tree-bodies.

And finally, there were only two hundred select humans who mutated into the rarest kind - Ezolians. Those species were stronger than others: they had very muscular bodies. They wore special metallic clothes: the females wore shiny short skirts and bodices. They wore their hair in long braids. The males wore dark purple pants and metallic waistcoats over their shirts and donned dragons’ tails. This particular species was prescient - able to visualize options in the future and manifest the most favorable outcome.

Along with all of these mutations, by the year 2050 the growth of the Robot population as well as climate change were fixed on Earth. The icebergs in the North had melted and the water began to cover each continent by continent. To save humanity robots helped mutated humans build tunnel-bridges behind the portal-pictures and connected all six of the discovered Infinits. The special machine-balls were delivering mutated humans to the Infinits with the speed of light along the tunnel-bridges.

By the time the water covered the first World – Earth, people colonized the Infinits. Then there were only robots left - robots who had built a huge, metallic strata that covered the entire Earth. They also put special programs to work which were responsible for creating conditions in order to crystalize water under the stratum.

Meanwhile metallic forests replaced green photosynthesizing ones, silver lakes and oceans replaced the original versions that had existed on Earth for many years. Robots recreated each piece of the Earth in a metallic prototype in order to preserve memories for the future. They knew that the time would come to return all of nature back to the place it belonged. And now the Earth remained a silver monument and was renamed Infinit Dedeen where only robots and machines survived – the Dedeenians.

The “Era of Blooming” blood brought humanity to an absolute new stage of life that they had never experienced before. There was really only one thing that the advanced stage, mutated people were worried about; how to protect the World of Infinits from a Dark Force that was attacking the tunnel-bridges in order to separate them and enslave all of the mutated people.

The story brings us to the 1st Infinit – Zoak, where all kinds of mutated people live. Some of them stayed there to fight for the Galaxy, some stayed just because they were too scared of the Dark Force and too weak to pass through the bridges and find the Infinit they belong to.